I loved every aspect of working with TJ & Billy, from the start right through til after the Wedding. Tj & I first met over Skype & we knew straight away that we were meant to work together! From that point, the brilliance grew, until I met Billy and things just blew up to AWESOME!

You know how some people just have that total trust that it is all going to be perfect  & the whole Event is fun, relaxed, bathed in laughter & the feeling that anything is possible? Thats how it was with Billy & TJ.

Arriving on the day was just brilliant as I had no idea they had Tipis organised! I squealed with delight & did a happy wiggle & so it all began! Nimbin Rox YHA was positively gorgeous, dressed with hand made delights, old suitcases stacked with hand knitted wooden blankets, crocheted ones, neatly folded atop one another with a handwritten sign instructing guests to help themselves to stay warm.

TJ & Billy are two of the most gorgeous souls one could ever hope to meet & now you can read the Hello May Article for yourself & see the visual splendour that was TJ & Billys Wedding!! So much inspiration in these images, ts just amazing!

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