I am an Accredited Death Walker TM + Civil Celebrant, with a lifetime of holistic counselling skills. I offer Natural Death Care + facilitate Funerals in Byron Bay, the Gold Coast, Brisbane & Australia wide.

As a  Death Walker + Funeral Celebrant I offer a comprehensive, supportive service with kindness, respect & authenticity. My calm presence & vast variety of  information + support allows families to make better, more empowered  choices around death care.

I work with the family & friends of the person who has died to create a Ceremony that is a true reflection of the person & their lifetime. It may be a Celebration of their life, their contributions, their loves, their legacy. I also understand that not all Funerals can be a Celebration either.

As a Death Walker I also support those who know they are dying & offer a wealth of support + information needed. I walk with the dying + their families to prepare for the natural ending of life.

Funerals are a way of acknowledging the death, as well as the life of the deceased, their families + friends. Coming together as friends & communities to pay tribute to the person who has died, to say our farewells, give thanks & allow every emotion & personal processes to be facilitated in a supported environment. Healthy bereavement allows us the opportunity to do exactly what we need to do, as no two experiences are the same.

I believe Death is a natural part of life. While training with Zenith Virago + The Natural Death Care Centre, I embraced the core vision that death is the natural and sacred end of life. With a death, there may come sadness for those who are still living. We can choose to take an active part in planning our death, and in doing so, making the experience less overwhelming for those still living, as well as having the knowing that the deceased or dying persons requests & wishes will be honoured.

There are many things to consider when planning a Funeral or Memorial and to have the support of a gentle, guiding hand to inform you of all your choices & rights can be very helpful.

Burial or Cremation? If there is to be a Coffin will there be a Viewing? Can the Coffin be personalised? I am able to provide options around having the body in the home to allow that very special & intimate time with family & friends. I can also offer information around burials on private land.

Please feel free to contact me about Funerals & Memorials, Natural Death Care, Living Funerals, Funeral Planning, Death Care Plans.

You can contact me at anytime  on 0433 453 998.

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