I had the extreme Pleasure of meeting JP Sears on his most recent visit from the USA to Byron Bay.

If you haven’t met JP Sears yet, click on the link below & get ready to crack up good, hard & proper! This guy was SO MUCH FUN & I can honestly say he is a beautiful, humble man who has lots of love to share around.

I love being a Wedding Celebrant in Byron Bay. Hanging out at awesome places like THE FARMĀ and meeting total legends like JP Sears!

And if you’re not married yet, and want to get married, but don’t have a partner, the before mentioned location is a great place to meet super hot, interesting, similar minded people. Maybe I’ll see you there? Say Hello if you do!

Ciao for now & enjoy JP’s You Tube vid on The Most Spiritual Place on Earth – BYRON BAY!


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